When the going gets tough, the tough get nice.

Hello, kind Feastlings.
Yes, we’ve all gotten a drubbing. There’s a spike in new COVID cases in Arizona, Pusch Ridge is still on fire, and the social unrest that will, with any luck, push the world’s collective conscience into forcing tangible change, has had those of us without the sense to take occasional breaks from the news, well, rattled.
Here, therefore, is a list of what we at Feast are doing:

1. We’re still not seating the dining room. I think it’s fairly obvious why, but for those who’ve suggested we do otherwise, here’s an article, a local one, from three days ago, and numbers are still going up.

2. We’re continuing to do kindnesses where we can, and so, clearly, are you. We met our goal of getting 230 meals donated for the staff at Encompass Health and at Northwest Hospital, and so we in turn are donating another 60 meals on top of it, and tomorrow we’ll bring them out to people who’ve decidedly got their hands full. Thank you for contributing.

3. We’re continuing to offer you caringly prepared food and delicious drink, and to find- and create- reasons to be happy every once in a while. The menu is here

and you can get the jump on ordering something special for Father’s Day

or celebrate the Summer Solstice Spanish-style, when we celebrate the Bonfires of San Juan on Tuesday the 23rd

and this Saturday’s wine tasting is rife with pre-Father’s Day Pinot Noir.

4. As much as we try to keep our heads down politically speaking (since people of all political stripes like good food and are entitled to their opinions and welcome here as long as their opinions son’t infringe on anyone else’s,) we regard it as apolitical that we continue to support the Black Lives Matter movement, despite the assertion that our serving and mentioning WHITE gazpacho was evidence otherwise. (Look, Jill V., all I want to do is serve good food and be a good person. Really. There’s no evil agenda here.)

5. In the interest of maintaining some whisper of humanity and kindness, I humbly suggest that now more than ever is a time for each of us to go out (or stay in) and do something nice for someone, whether it’s someone dear to us or a complete stranger, and to support something we believe in our heart of hearts is right and good. Then go do something nice for yourself as well. You probably deserve it.



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