We didn’t ask for any of this. Except white gazpacho. We asked for that.

Dear Feastlings,
I don’t know where you are on this, but I don’t recall asking for a deadly virus or nationwide political unrest. As I mentioned the other day, I got into this for the food and drink. And although my business and that of the other 48 people who work here has been hobbled by all of it, we feel like it’s time to get something we DID ask for, and likewise for you. I started taking requests last week, and while we’re not in a position to offer half a dozen of your menu requests at a time, we’ve put some of the more popular requests on the menu (and there are more coming- don’t fret. You WILL see roasted strawberry shortcake on the menu soon) and we’ve begun putting some of you other requests on the menu as short-lived specials. So you’ll need to strike while the iron is hot, and check back periodically. I’ll try to mention the specials where I can, but they’ll be on the website whether I mention them in an email or not. Something to mention today: quite a number of you , it seems, are Bullwinkle fans, as am I, and quite a number of you wanted us to make white gazpacho, as did I, so it’s here for the asking right now. As is plenty of other stuff. You can see the whole menu here and that menu includes dishes that will be available for donation in our next hospital staff delivery run to Northwest Hospital and Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital. If you’re in the mood to help out a front line healthcare worker and a restaurant worker at the same time, you can call and donate a meal, or a portion thereof, at 326-9363. You can see which people in which departments will be receiving meals by taking a look at this link.

And if you need a little escape from all the stuff we didn’t ask for, we’d encourage you to join us at tomorrow’s zoom wine tasting at 2:00. The information about that, along with the zoom meeting number and info about the password, is here.

And with that, we return you to peaceful thoughts of Bullwinkle and white gazpacho, and we thank you for being an integral part of our sweet little Feast community.

Your friend,


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