A donation of meals to the staff at Northwest Hospital and Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital

Dear Feastlings,

This week’s meal donations will be going to the staff at Northwest Hospital and Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital.  One of the ways Feast is remaining open despite the fact that we’re not serving food in our dining room is through the generosity of our guests donating food to front line hospital workers.  We’ll be bringing meals to the following departments at Northwest Hospital:

Emergency Department- 60 people
COVID unit- 20 people
ICUs- 30 people
Lab- 30 people
EVS- 30 people
Admin- 10 people
and at Encompass Health Rehabilitation: 110 people.
We’re sending food to everyone in each department- those who are working when we arrive, to be sure, but also those who work the less glamorous graveyard shifts.  The meals are packaged in cryovac so that hospital workers can enjoy them when they have a moment at work, or can take them home where they know they won’t be interrupted (by work, anyway) and simmer them in hot water and serve up a hot meal with no serious work.   As usual, here’s the plan: we’re seeking 230 meal donations from the people of Tucson, or really of anyplace, and when we reach that goal, Feast will donate an additional sixty meals to the hardworking people in the Emergency Department at Northwest.  You can thank the people on the front lines of the COVID pandemic and protecting us all by calling in a donation to us at 326-9363.  You can donate a meal, a cookie, a dollar amount- everything helps us share a well-prepared meal with hardworking front line healthcare workers.  The menu of dishes we’re offering can be found near the end of the menu here.

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