Some special stuff for Dad.

Hello, Feastlings.

While there’s no dish that’s universally loved by all dads everywhere, we’re making some dishes that fathers have loved in the past this Father’s Day.  Because not all dads are ready to go out yet, and not all of them want to grill when it’s 105 degrees outside.  So this menu is for those who fall into that category.  These dishes will certainly be available on Father’s Day, June 21, but we can’t promise that they’ll be available before or after that- in fact, let’s just say right here and now that they won’t be.  You can call ahead to reserve what sounds good to you all the way through Friday, June 19.  Two key points of which to be aware:

• these dishes will be available for pickup or delivery on Sunday the 21st ONLY. We won’t have them available before then.

• you’ll need to order them by Friday the 19th to be assured they’ll be available for you.


special dishes for father’s day- order by friday, june 19


Oxtail Quesadillas with poblano chilies, casera cheese, shaved radishes and horseradish-arugula pesto.

Grilled Lamb Loin with caramelized blueberry glaze, mustard seed polenta, and smoked paprika broccolini.  *  ◊

Quite large shrimp, served over fettuccine with pesto cream, wild mushrooms, baby spinach and roasted cipolline onions.

Banana crumble with whipped cream.


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