Back to (ab)normal.

Dear Feastlings,
As much as I acknowledge that we as twenty-first century Americans have perhaps not the longest attention spans of anyone, I don’t particularly advocate dropping what’s happened these past few days and going back to scrolling through our phones to stare at the latest meme. Still, just like comfort food was all any of us wanted two months ago, I think after a few days of having rioting in the streets and running around like Bullwinkle trying to get a tub of water beneath our democracy before it hits the ground, we’re craving routine now like we were craving macaroni and cheese before. And in fact, I’d note that typing this makes me want macaroni and cheese AND routine. Maybe I’ll add it to the list of requests you’ve been making. What with yesterday being a day for pause around here, and today being a day for routine of the worst sort (I know, first world problem, but a good solid two hours on the phone with a mistaken credit card chargeback and trying to get in touch with the right person at Northwest Hospital, where our next delivery run is headed, along with Encompass Rehab Hospital,) I’m only just now getting today’s email written, and grateful that the worst of my frustrations since I got to work is the relentless telephone time.

So yes, by all means, let’s all continue to do what we believe is the right thing to do right now, help someone who needs it, and then curl up for a bit in the cocoon of our regular activities so we emerge rested enough to go out and do some of those kindnesses that fall outside of our normal repertoire.

So here I am immersing myself in regular activities- a morning and early afternoon of frustrating bureaucratic phone calls, and now an email to remind you all that we’re out here, and we’d love to hear from you, particularly those of you who are in the mood for food and drink, or in the mood to donate food to a frontline hospital worker. The June menu began yesterday, and you can find it here and you can order (or donate to the next hospital run) by calling us at 326-9363. We’ve also got this week’s Saturday virtual wine tasting in the works- the tasting is at 2:00 this Saturday, and we’ll be pouring samples for you to pick up or have delivered for the taste-along starting tomorrow. You can call the same number to order your selection of four Italian reds. Pu them in the fridge until around 1:00 on Saturday and then belly up to your own bar and learn some fun things about some tasty Italian wines. Details can be found here.

And thanks for your notes of encouragement as well as your support, both through your patronage and your ideals. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be in our corner during this more than challenging time.


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