Hitting the ground running, again. Again.

Sorry about sending this out last night. I know I pretend that only four of you read this, but I know, based on how many of you have been writing back lately, that that figure is inaccurate. And I know so even more because within minutes of accidentally sending the email we had calls from people trying to order Passover food. Here’s the deal: NOW it’s okay. We’re ready. At least more than we were last night. So here’s that email again.

Hello, Feastlings.
Like every day for the past two and a half weeks, today finds us scrambling to get things done. We likely won’t be getting our menu changed for April on the first Tuesday as we normally do for nearly 19 years now, but we’re aiming for Thursday. What’s holding us up? Apart from the same thing that’s had my bank’s website crashing all day as I try to apply for the Payroll Protection Plan, whatever than may eventually look like, and had you all feverishly searching for hand sanitizer, toilet paper and a decent stick of butter, it’s that we finally got in the matzo meal we ordered two weeks ago and we’re going to put together some Passover-friendly food. You can order today, or if the Sabbath has kept you away from the computer or the phone, tomorrow, some food that’s vaguely kosher for Passover to pick up or have delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday so you can be prepared when the sun goes down on the 8th. I’ll point out that our kitchen is not remotely a kosher one,
nor would a meal that includes both brisket and panna cotta be. But if you’re willing to turn a blind eye, it’s kosher for Passover in spirit. We’ll start with a link to our Passover specials, which should be available for you to pick up or have delivered by 2 pm on Tuesday. The food will be cold and you’ll need to heat it yourselves, but we think it’ll be tasty. Here’s a link to that page of specials. You can get them on Thursday too if you’re the bold sort that does a second Seder.

You’ll also be getting an email in a couple of hours with the password to our wine tasting. Most of you have already picked up your tastes and stowed them in the fridge, but there are a few left if you haven’t, and you have until 2:00 before the tasting begins. Here’s a link to that with the meeting number; the password will follow.

You also have the rest of the day today to order if you’re interested in getting food delivered at one of our South or Southeast hubs tomorrow. Instructions, places and times are listed here.

And the April menu will not begin on schedule. It turns out that a pandemic that coincides with Passover and Easter during which we have no certainties about receiving what ingredients we’ve ordered can in fact disrupt our normal routine. But at the rate you’re getting emails from me, you’ll find out about it fairly soon when we do change it. Thanks for all you’re putting up with, and thanks for keeping our doors open, and thanks for being the kind people we’re happy to call our Feast family.


Your Feast Family

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