The wines you’re not drinking by the glass here, redux.

Dear Feastlings,

We continue to learn and improve, and while last Saturday’s virtual tasting was pleasant enough, we had the urge to make it more social and participatory, so this week’s tasting will still take place at 2 pm and the meeting number will be posted here before then.  You’re welcome to tune in with or without wine, but we’ve got some little screw-top jars now, so that ounce and a half you used to get in person here will be available leading up to the tasting as well.  Please call ahead and let us know you’ll want the tasting pack so we can have a taste of each of the four wines ready for you.  It’ll still be $12.50 plus tax and tip, in spite of the fact that there’ll be no snacks to accompany the wines, but that’s to cover the cost of the little jars.  For future tastings, we’ll knock $2.50 off the price if you bring the jars back unscathed so we can wash and sanitize them to offer them back again for the next tasting.  Kind of like a deposit on your glass Coke bottle.  To participate, you’ll need the Zoom meeting app on whatever device you’re using, and we’ll post the meeting number for you to join us at 2.

The wines this week are no Coke, though.  While last week we offered up four wines that we would have been pouring by the glass about now, this week you’ll taste four of the whites we were hoping to pour for you here.


The zoom meeting number for the tasting is 163793784.

We’ll send the password by email an hour before to keep the tasting zoombomber free.


The wines you’re not drinking by the glass here, redux.

2016 Kracher Pinot Gris Trocken, Burgenland

2016 Jermann Pinot Grigio, Venezia Giulia

2017 Louis-Antoine Luyt “Gorda Blanca” Cuvée Benoit (Moscatel de Alexandria/Torontel/Corinto/Cristalina,) Maule Valley

2016 Ramey Chardonnay, Russian River Valley

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