Just so you know, it really is Friday this time.

Hi, Feastlings.
You’d think that with the number of daily- sometimes twice-daily- emails I’ve been sending that I’d have a handle on what day it is, but I botched it yesterday. Today, however, I’m quite certain it’s Friday,which means you have but a few hours to grab the wines for Todd Bostock and Kent Callaghan’s #digitalwineresearch. Details for the event can be found here, and the wines themselves can be found at Feast. Plus we have that porchetta sandwich, and Boeuf Bourguignonne, and a grilled loin of lamb, any of which would be pretty tasty accompaniments to the wines, if you’re so inclined. You’re also welcome to pick up the tastes for our Saturday wine tasting, four little ounce-and-a-half pours of white wine that you can taste along with Kevin’s discussion. Those wines and the details of that zoom tasting are here.

We also hit upon a rather more organized plan for our delivery runs outside our immediate area, and it proved effective yesterday, so we’ll be implementing our new plan again on Sunday, this time to the South and the Southeast. So look things over today, call in your order tomorrow and meet us at one of our delivery hubs on Sunday at the appointed time and we’ll bring you something delicious. We’ve decided we’re nearly organized enough now that we can start taking order for that today, and we’ll continue to do so through tomorrow evening at 7:30. The link with information about our delivery run is here.

There’s a link on that page to the menu, including what specials we’ll have available as a part of that delivery run. And the number to call to place your order is 326-9363.

On the horizon is a Westside delivery run, as well as a series of hospital runs.
As much as any of us thinks we have it hard right now, there’s no doubt in my mind that we can’t possibly have it as hard as our friends and neighbors working around the clock in hospitals, bracing for the sieges we’ve already been hearing about from other cities. We’ll be donating some meals, but we’re also in the precarious position of having our own business fall off by half, unless you count catering, where it’s fallen off by essentially one hundred percent. So if you find yourself wanting to buy something good to eat for someone who may be saving your hide in the next few weeks, we’ll have a way for you to call and donate a meal for a hospital worker. I promise to send an email when we’re ready for that one, so I’d ask you please to wait until that one comes before you write back about it, because I have coordinating to do with people from various departments at TMC before we’re ready. Think of it as a way to help restaurant people and hospital people all in one fell swoop.
And for those of you who’ve written or called about it, yes, we’ll have Passover specials, and yes, we’ll have Easter specials, and yes, we’ll be making some (slight) changes to the menu on the first Tuesday in April, so if the Covid doesn’t kill me, all this might. I thank you in advance for your patience with us in the coming weeks. More soon. Probably in a couple of hours, when I discover I’ve forgotten to include something in this email.



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