Keeping our joints nimble as it all shifts underfoot.

Good morning, Feastlings.
We’re starting in on packing up the meals for our runs to points South and Southeast this morning, and for those of you closer in, Lisa’s whipping up a few Bloody Mary kits to take the edge off of the news.
Unsurprisingly, things keep changing- our seafood guy feels bullish on halibut this week, which last week we had to swap out for sea bass, so when the menu changes a bit on Thursday (rather than its customary Tuesday change,) we’ll be able to keep the halibut around. Salmon is another story, and we’ll likely run out of what we still have today, just as we’ve been forced to make do with a very odd amalgam of takeout containers until more of what we’re used to becomes available. So menu change is displaced by a couple of days, and what else happens this week will hinge upon what happens today and tomorrow, both in terms of what dishes we go through today and what ingredients actually arrive tomorrow. So we still won’t know when we’re doing our Westside delivery run (people to the west, let me know what areas would make a convenient delivery hub for you,) nor will we know for another few days when our hospital runs will take off. It’s all in the works, but we’re at the mercy of the universe for a lot of this stuff, and the universe, you may have noticed, isn’t playing nice right now.
There are a couple of things we’re more assured of:
First, we’ll be offering Passover specials for pickup or delivery on Tuesday or Wednesday, but your order will need to be in today so we can know how much to prepare. The specials are listed here.

And the wine tasting will happen next Saturday at 2:00. I may have even figured out a way to keep Kevin from looking like a massive disembodied head for next time. Though I kind of like the Mighty Oz look. Details on the tasting are here.

And we’re closed tomorrow. We had briefly considered going to seven days, and it’s become abundantly clear that if we don’t take a day off we’ll go into a tailspin. Or at least I will. And nobody likes the look of Doug in a tailspin.
Thank you all for the amazing outpouring of support we’ve seen from you; you’re each and every one of you helping keep us all gainfully employed during a time when every little feeling of security helps, no matter how small. And this is a big one. So thank you. From all of us.

All of us

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