In Vino Veritas

Hello, Feastlings.
We’re all a bit better rested around here now that it’s been over a week since anyone tried to break into the restaurant, and frankly, after the previous two attempts, a glass of wine sounds pretty good to me. Thankfully, we have some. And it’s not just for us. We have two wine events coming down the pike, and more behind them. For now, though, we’ll only discuss the two that are headed your way in the near future.
First, there’s our weekly Saturday tasting, an exploration of Sauvignon Blanc. That one happens on Saturday the 19th, at 2:00 pm.

And if the two French wines on that list aren’t enough to satisfy the appetite of the francophile in you, consider joining us on Tuesday for dinner, with our buddy Johannah Burmeister of Winebow Fine Wine & Spirits, who’ll have five tasty treats with her, and we’ll of course be making some deliciousness of our own, meant to compliment what she’s brought along. You can see that menu here.

And then you can keep your eyes on your mailbox for what else we’ve got on the horizon: a November menu, a dinner with Drew Voit of Harper-Voit, and a Thanksgiving menu (yes, some of you have already been calling about the Thanksgiving menu.) For the uninitiated, we’re not open on Thanksgiving. We close so the staff can hang out with their own friends and family that day. But we do offer a host of Thanksgiving dishes for you to pick up the day before, with heating instructions so you don’t have to spend the entire day in the kitchen. But there’ll be more about that later. Meanwhile, we hope you’ll join us for one of these events or another. It’ll be fun.

Doug and everybody here at Feast

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