Strike while the iron is hot.

Mes Feastlings Cheris,
While I participate in the political world with my own personal vote and donations, I try to keep out of the brash political generalizations in this forum. The way I see it, if you love good food and drink, regardless what disagreements we may have on the subject of world politics, you and I have at least that one thing in common, and therefore, neither of us can be all bad in the other’s eyes. So in the interest of keeping this email politically neutral, I’m basing this one purely on fact: here’s a little note to remind you all that tariffs kicked in last week on French wine (and Spanish wine. And Italian cheese.) There’s some fine print about that, and not all French wines will be affected, but the vast majority will, and prices can be expected to rise by 40-50%.
The good news is this: as it happens, there’s already a bunch of French wine in the country, some of which we’ll be tasting this weekend, and it was brought in before the tariffs took effect. So now’s your moment. You can stock up before prices rise. One of the tastings is a tasting of biodynamic wines, one of which is French and two of which are Spanish. That’s the tasting that happens this Saturday, the 26th, at 2:00.

The other is our Last Sunday of the Month tasting, all wines from lesser-known regions in France.

That happens on Sunday the 27th at 3:30. Whatever you choose, just know that we’ve stocked up a bit ourselves on the French and Spanish stuff, and the smart money is grabbing enough to hold us over until the tariffs go away. Just for your edification. See you at one or the other. Or both. You’re invited to both.

Your friends at Feast

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