Dear would-be burglar

Hello, Friends.
Maybe you knew that our friends at Tito & Pep, Feast’s old digs, were burglarized a month or two ago. The burglar cut all their cables to disable the alarm, climbed up onto the roof and climbed into the restaurant through their cooler vent. Then he stole a couple of computers, some cash and who knows what else.
It would appear that he’s working his way around the neighborhood. Today we spent the majority of the day trying to figure out why our internet service was down. We discovered it was- guess what?- a cut cable. A trip up to the roof revealed a torn-open cooler duct. Thankfully, our ductwork is more of a hassle to climb through than that of our former (and Tito & Pep’s current) location, and he gave up and moved on to easier targets, but not before his work damaged a terminal, a printer, some wiring and a duct. The total price tag will likely arrive somewhere just barely over our insurance deductible, but at least nothing was swiped except our sense of safety and well-being.
It’s a long-winded way of telling you that I had promised you another email today with news about the Saturday tasting, and the dinner with Yoahnnah Burmeister of Winebow that’s coming up on the 22nd.

So I’m sorry it’s late, but it’s still Thursday. Thanks for all your kind support.
Doug, and everyone else at Feast

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