The new post you’ll be seeing on Thursday

Dear, dear Feastlings,
Once again I find myself writing at (literally) the eleventh hour. I have yet to post this Saturday’s wine tasting on the website (Kevin is working on the particulars as we speak, but rest assured, we’ll have a wine tasting this Saturday,) nor have I posted anything about the Trust Your Importer dinner we’re doing with Winebow on October 22nd, but with any luck, you’ll have another email in your inbox in two days’ time with all the information you could want about both events. Still, I’m writing today as well because it’s new menu day at Feast. There’s pork belly awaiting your next visit, and octopus and crawfish, sea scallops and a handful of other autumnal dishes. So to keep it short and sweet in hopes that you don’t mind the extra email this week, here’s the link to the October menu:

Have a lovely day.

Your pal Doug, and the entire cast of characters at Feast

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