Are you as last-minute as I am?

Hey there, Feastlings.
As happens periodically with me, I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. There are parties to cater, there’s equipment to repair (curse you, convention steamer,) and steady streams of you all coming in to exchange gifts and holiday cheer over lunch and a glass of, well, holiday cheer. So the note I meant to send you hours ago is only now being frantically banged out on the keyboard and I’ll ask politely that you excuse what typos make it past me. Just a couple of quick notes- first, there’s Kevin’s Saturday wine tasting, which is nearly sold out, so if you’re on the fence, you might want to consider getting off it and calling us at 326-9363. There’ll be four of Kevin’s favorite wines from the larder he suggests to keep handy for your holiday hordes, and the tasting is, like most of his others, only $10 plus tax and tip. Here are more details:

Next, there’s Christmas. We’ll be closed on Christmas day, but open on Christmas Eve from eleven to eight in spite of the fact that it’s a Monday. To encourage you to visit, there’ll be specials from the Christmas menu (more on that in a moment,) a sale on wine, spirits and last-minute stocking stuffer groceries, like oils, vinegars, salts and the odd chocolate.

For those of you who’ve who’ve put off Christmas planning and discovered yourselves now at the eleventh hour, here’s a reminder: yes, we can still make Christmas food for you to pick up on the 24th with heating instructions, but be aware: the clock is ticking and the deadline for orders is this evening at 9:00 pm. So we encourage you to think quickly about what you might not feel like making come Christmas morning and call us today. The menu is still up on the website for the rest of the day.

There’s more on the horizon, too: our Last Sunday of the month tasting, our special New Year’s Eve menu (again on a Monday, dinner only,) and a wine dinner with Christian Troy and the wines of Le Due Terre:

I’m certain you’ve run out of time to read this email by now, and I’ve certainly run out of time to write it, so I look forward to one last hello this year, next week. With any luck, I’ll write it before 1:30. Happy Whatever You Celebrate.


Doug and everyone at Feast

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