Welcome to my bunker.

Dearest Feastlings,
I don’t know about you, but mostly can’t escape it. The streets thick with traffic; the explosion of emails full of brightly colored photos in my inbox; the manipulative tug on my heartstrings and purse strings; and the music- the relentless march of Little Drummer Boys and Bing Crosby. Two places are generally safe for me, and during the holidays, and the closer we get to Christmas, the more it becomes only one place that’s safe for me. Now is the time of year when I come home to discover the ironic juxtaposition of a thermostat set at 85 degrees and Dean Martin crooning Silver Bells, a dusting of flour and sugar faintly coating the kitchen counter. So here I am, hunkered down in Feast, counting down the days from today’s twelve drummers drumming all the way to the day where I can brine and roast a partridge with sauteed pears.
Don’t misunderstand me- as many as there are who’d call me a Scrooge, or a Grinch, or just a jerk, I have nothing against Christmas itself. I love a holiday dominated by baking, roasting, sweets and spices; it’s the inescapable artificiality and co-opting that dig at me, and quite honestly, I don’t have a leg to stand on. Circumstance dictates that I step up to the Holiday Plate and start filling it with food. So here’s ironic juxtaposition number two: as much as I hate the hubbub of the holidays myself, I feel compelled to help some of you through it by offering the service of doing what only some of you want to do: cooking. So if you can’t get your act together enough to cook for Christmas but you can get it together enough to call us by next Thursday, December 20, we can have Christmas food ready and waiting for you on Monday the 24th with heating instructions, just like we did on Thanksgiving Eve. And yes, I’m aware that the 24th is a Monday, a day on which we’re normally shuttered. But on Christmas Eve, we’ll be here handing out carryout and serving lunch and dinner until the earlier-than-usual 8:00 pm, to allow the crew here some time to gather with their loved ones and listen for sleigh bells. Or have a very strong eggnog. Anyhow, the Christmas menu will allow you those same opportunities- just order by the 20th. Here’s that menu:

And whether you’re serving from our menu or one you’ve concocted yourself, this Saturday’s wine tasting will give you the opportunity to taste some wines that will undoubtedly do your holiday table justice. The tasting is this Saturday, December 15, at 2:00 and reservations are a must, but web and email reservations won’t hold a spot for you, so give us a call at 326-9363 if you’d like to join us.

You can also get the jump on New Year’s Eve in this email (yes, we’ll be open for New Year’s Eve, too, in spite of its landing on a Monday like Christmas Eve does, though only for dinner.) There’s a full, four-course prix-fixe menu available, but some dishes from our regular menu as well, and some very special wine pairings.

And you don’t have to participate in any of this to come join us here in my Safe Place, free from holiday noise. But we won’t kick you out if you’re one of those types who wears a Santa hat to the staff holiday party. We understand.

Doug, but really everyone at Feast

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