“After all”… post-banquet ideas.

Hi, Feastlings.

So for two Saturdays now, you’ve been tasting wines to serve alongside your Thanksgiving feast, but this week Kevin’s opening up some tasty treats to serve afterward.  Can’t manage that extra slice of pumpkin pie?  Instead you should be considering a digestif.  And if that’s not your thing, dessert wine or a cordial might be.  Much like our wine tastings, it’s only $10 plus tax and tip, and you’ll be able to taste some things you likely haven’t seen before.  It all transpires at 2:00 this Saturday, November 17.  You’ll need a reservation, which can’t be had by web or email, so please call us at 326-9363 if you’d like us to save you a seat at the tasting.  And happy, happy holidays.

“After all”… post-banquet ideas.

Meneres Fine Ruby Porto

Domaine la Tour Vieille Banyuls

Paladin “Agricanto,” Barbiano

R Jelinek Fernet, Czech Republic

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