It nearly got away.

Dear Feastlings,

Wouldn’t you know it- another day has nearly gotten away from me. As much as things are slowing in Tucson, we at Feast have one more week of kooky caterings, graduation, wine tastings and Mother’s Day to keep us occupied before we sink, weak-limbed, into summer, and the week has been punctuated with curiosities and frustrations, as our weeks often are. A new employee trained for a total of six minutes before passing out cold on Saturday, and a couple of others who’ve been with us for a while called in with car trouble, which evidently is a new thing I didn’t know about.

In my 40-plus years of hash-slinging, if my car wasn’t working, I rode a bike, or took a bus or a cab or got a ride from a friend. Now, apparently, if one’s car isn’t working, neither is oneself- a new rule in post-pandemic staffing.

Our Saturday friend is fine now, and I imagine we’ll try again if we can be assured that passing out isn’t a regular occurrence for this individual. Fingers crossed, as the half dozen EMTs who showed up, while personable, took up a lot of space in the kitchen, and it’s difficult to brew coffee when six people stand (and one lies) between you and the coffeemaker.

Despite the fact that I heretofore didn’t get the email out, we did indeed change the menu today, albeit not so dramatically- just a few appetizers, a salad, a side, an entree and a dessert. You can enlighten yourself here as to the new menu’s contents:

Likewise, we’ve got a wine tasting in the works for Saturday

Mamma mia

and we’ll open on Sunday with some specials in addition to our regular menu for Mother’s Day.

Some specials- and an extra day- for mom.

What’s more, we’ll have our bonne amie Elodie Wester over in two weeks for a wine dinner

Trust your importer: French Libation dinner with Elodie Wester

and the usual assortment of summertime activities on the calendar for this summer: the Bonfires of San Juan, Bastille Day and Ferragosto, plus whatever other reason we can find to celebrate. Come pay us a visit and treat yourself to something delicious.

Your pals at Feast

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