Time for a breather.

Dear Feastlings,

I’m typing this out over a massive yawn- Mother’s Day was successful by most counts, and we got what we’d hoped for: a day that was busy, but busy within reason. Presented with the option of making wheelbarrows full of cash by overbooking and overstressing myself and the rest of the staff, I’ll invariably take the kinder, gentler day with fewer dollar signs in my eyeballs. Yes, it was a challenging day, but I don’t believe any of us was yelled at, which is one of my new barometers for a good day. I also believe not a single dish went back to the kitchen, though I could be wrong on that count.

And truthfully, I’d prefer that a dish come back if it means a guest leaves having had any issues rectified. I’m also happy to report that everyone on the staff has come back as well; a touch long day like Mother’s Day can often be the day that separates the wheat from the chaff, and when you’ve come to rely on a certain amount of chaff just to get through your week, the day after a grueling holiday can be a scary one.

That said, we’re here, and tired as we may be, we feel pretty good about the restaurant today, if I may speak as a spokesperson for us all.

There’s a little aftermath- we’ll probably offer lobster for a bit as we bet heavy on lobster this weekend, so if you’re in the mood for lobster, you’ll be able to treat yourself for another day or two, and if we look tired, it’s because we still have some rest to catch up on. But I do believe we’ll coast for a bit on what momentum we’ve had for the past few months, and it feels good to have momentum again.

What’s more, we’ll continue to pepper the summer with fun and tasty odds and ends. We’ll be hosting a wine tasting this Saturday at 2:00, as is our habit,

California dreaming II

and we’ll have an importer in town next week, though the dinner is nearly if not entirely sold out by this point. You can, if you like, put your name on a cancellation list, but otherwise, just know that he who hesitates is lost and try earlier next time around.

Trust your importer: French Libation dinner with Elodie Wester

There’ll be more, so keep your dialing finger limber for upcoming wine dinners and tastings, and special holidays like las Hogueras de San Juan in June, Bastille Day in July and Ferragosto in August. We’ll look forward to seeing you at any or all of these events, and as well to whatever tasty Spanish, French and Italian leftovers we generate.

Meanwhile, enjoy what pleasant weather we have left before summer lays its heavy hand on us, and when it finally becomes too oppressive, stroll in for an air-conditioned snack and sip, and some friendly idle banter. We’ll see you soon.


Your friends at Feast

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