The Rhône and the Rhône diaspora

Dear Feastlings,

While this week’s email is a fraction less chipper than that of last week- admittedly, I counted some of those chickens before they were hatched- it still feels as though we’re on track to better our situation in time for the busy season. We’re seeing a few of you trickle back into town already after giving the Tucson summer a miss, and the catering line is beginning to ring again as well.

The managers have all returned from their respective vacations, and the October menu is written, ingredients are ordered, and plans are made for this Saturday’s End-of-Month wine tasting,

Two wineries in one place: Tablas Creek

so while we’re still not ready to reopen Sundays or keep the porch light on a bit later, we are indeed gaining ground. Next Tuesday you’ll see a new menu with a more autumnal tilt, and later in October, we’re still in the process of being assigned dates for the Tucson Chinese Chorizo Festival.

In the meantime, we hope you can join us for our tasting, complete with food pairings, this Saturday the 30th at 2:00 pm.

We look forward to your visit.


Doug and everyone else at Feast

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