Countdown to three hundred, or maybe we’ve passed that already.

Dear Feastlings,

There’s invariably someone who’ll ask, “when are you bringing back the lobster bread pudding?” or they’ll ask about the duck salad or the udon noodles or the cotton candy shrimp, but occasionally, someone will ask about a dish that I don’t remotely remember. Sometimes it’s a special, a one-off, but sometimes it’s a dish that’s occupied its spot on the menu for a solid three-month stint. But the fact of the matter is this: Feast has been changing its menu each month for over twenty-two years now, and for the first ten months, we were foolish enough to change it either weekly or biweekly.

At this point, we’re only a few months away from having offered three hundred menus, and I, who’ll write a recipe and forget almost immediately what I’ve put in it because I’m already moving on to next month’s menu, or a wine dinner, or an event of some other ilk.

A milestone like three hundred menus is okay- it’s mostly like looking back over the years with a mixture of fondness and nostalgia for some dishes, a little bit of shame and dread here and there for the dishes that we’re not so proud of, and some head-scratching for the ones none of us can remember. It’s not anywhere near as rewarding as the milestone of ten thousand donated meals, or 20 years in business, or even repaving the parking lot. But it’s fun to look back over. We’re now about six menus away from three hundred, unless you count any of the menus for our special events, wine dinners and tastings and so on- if that’s the case, we’re well past that mark.

Today we offer you the October 2023 menu, with some more autumnal treats on it and the promise of cool weather and warm, full bellies.

We also offer you a Saturday wine tasting.

Spain brain

And we’ll continue to offer you more stuff. We’re still working on putting together a wine dinner, we’ll be participating in the Chinese Chorizo Festival,

and we’ll have a Thanksgiving menu up before you know it. (For the uninitiated, we don’t open for Thanksgiving itself, but we do offer a substantial menu of prepared Thanksgiving food for you to serve your guests, in whole or in part, and you can pick it up the day before with heating instructions. Keep your eyes peeled for that one.

In the meantime, it’s a perfect day to come have a pork chop with a persimmon pudding, or a mushroom melt, or a handful of other dishes. We hope to see you soon.

Your friends at Feast

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