Only one day until three days from now

Good day, Feastlings.

We’ve been seeing a small but steady stream of you of late, stocking your cellars with the tail end of our summertime six-pack and case pricing,

Your summertime bargains

but we thought we’d remind the rest of you that, while the summer pricing ends on Labor Day, we’re always closed on Mondays, and Sundays we’ve been shuttered for several months now, but working slowly (quite slowly) and steadily toward being able to reopen on Sundays.

The upshot of that is that today is effectively the last day to get and extra 10% off a six-pack of assorted wines and spirits of your choosing, or 15% off a case, though there’ll be no double-dipping- if a bottle is already discounted, it will count toward your case, but won’t be discounted twice.

The list has been a bit picked over, so we may be out of this or that- the early bird does get the occasional worm- but while there may be a shortage of a particular wine, there’s no shortage of wine in general here.

Case in point: we’ve got four clean, delicious whites that we’ll be pouring today, and you’re still welcome to join us for the tasting. If you’re logging in remotely and already have your samples firmly in hand, you can join us at this link:

Topic: Beyond Chardonnay
Time: Sep 3, 2022 02:00 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 840 5216 4681
Passcode: 001484

Or you’re welcome to come by and have a seat, and not bother washing dishes at home afterward. Here’s what the tasting looks like:

Beyond Chardonnay

In other news, you’ll find a new menu posted come Tuesday, with glimmers of autumn scattered through it, and in the meantime, we’ll keep trying to get a few more sets of skilled hands back among us so you can hang out with us six days a week rather than merely five. Enjoy your blustery Saturday, and we’ll see you sooner than later.

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