Beyond Chardonnay

Dear Feastlings,

Whether it’s a wedding or a Bar Mitzvah, an office party or just a Tuesday night, we know what that crowd-pleaser is that’s likely to be on nearly every table: if it’s white wine, it’s likely Chardonnay.  And there’s a reason for it, don’t get us wrong.  Chardonnay has broad appeal- wine drinkers will enjoy it, but so will the beer drinker who just needs to have a glass of something because everyone else has a glass in their hand when someone makes a toast.  Chardonnay is fine; it’s popular, it can be tasty (or not, but so can anything else,) and it’s easy to find one you like whilst wine shopping.

But this week we’ll explore whites that deserve some recognition as well- some are great food wines, some are perfect for the patio as the weather- we hope- begins to cool down and we enjoy a sip with friends or family to watch the sun set.  But they’re not the wines you’ll see twenty of lined up at the Big Box wine depot.  They’re special, and they’re fun, and we think you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

By now, you know how this works: you can join us here in person in the private dining room this Saturday, August 27, at 2:00 pm, or you can come collect your samples and taste from home or elsewhere.  As usual, $15 will get you tastes and more information than you can shake a stick at.


THE TASTING BEGINS ON ZOOM AT 2:00 PM ON SATURDAY, september 3.  THE ZOOM MEETING NUMBER FOR THE TASTING IS 840 5216 4681 and the passcode is 001484.


Beyond Chardonnay


You can find the tasting order and the pricing here.


2021 Field Recordings Chenin Blanc, Central Coast

2021 Tatomer “Steinhugel” Riesling, Santa Lucia Highlands

2018 Quattro Mani Falanghina del Sannio, Falanghina del Sannio DOC

2021 Pala “Soprasole” Vermentino, Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

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