Tick, tick, tick

Dear Feastlings,

I can’t gauge just yet whether it feels like time is running out or whether it’s dragging on. One day it feels like the ceiling will give, or actually, now that I think about it, more like the floor will drop from beneath us; the next it feels like we’ll just keep treading water with barely enough staff to keep the doors open until- I don’t know. Forever? Whatever the case, we’re keeping at it, offering what we can for as long as we can, and while it feels like the worst of the summer may be behind us, I’m not counting on anything anymore. I can scarcely trust the things I see before me, let alone put faith into the idea that this might get normal again without having any hard evidence beyond a few nights that have been busier than last week.

So the normal bit for us this week is this: This week’s wine tasting will still happen on Saturday at 2 pm, partly here and partly remotely.

Beyond Chardonnay

And the wine sale will continue for the rest of this week, but it ends on Labor Day, or really two days before that, since we’re currently closed Sundays and Mondays.

Your summertime bargains

You can stock your cellar while the pricing is good.

And there’s the dinner tomorrow night, which I hesitate to mention it as it’s currently sold out, but we’re in the process of calling and confirming, so there may be someone who surrenders a seat or two.

Storybook Mountain Vineyards dinner with Jerry Seps

And then Tuesday, there’ll be a whole new menu for you to enjoy. Watch for an email next week. May your labors be few on Labor Day, or ever, really, and may you celebrate that situation with tasty food and beverage.

Your pal,


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