Your summertime bargains

Hello, Feastlings.

Once again, we’re between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and that means we’re wheeling and dealing on wine (and spirits too, for that matter.)  It’s a great moment to take advantage of bargain pricing, and we’ve got many means of saving on what you’re drinking this summer.

First, there’s the business of the wine you drink at the table: if, between now and Labor Day, you buy a bottle of wine to enjoy with lunch or dinner and you like it enough to buy a bottle to take home, we’ll waive the built-in twelve-dollar corkage on the price of the bottle at the table, so the bottle you drink here and the bottle you take home are both priced at retail.  I defy you to find another restaurant in town where you can drink at a retail market any day they’re open.  (Any time a guest tells me about the fabulous half-price wine they had someplace else, I point out that their half price is usually the same as our full price, and we offer it every day, not just on the odd slow Tuesday that other restaurants do.)

Second, any six bottles you buy to take out, be they wine or spirits, gets you ten percent off the lot of them, barring bottles that are already on deal.  Yes, that sadly means that the bottle you bought at dinner doesn’t count toward your six.

Third, any twelve bottles will get you fifteen percent off, again, the bottles that don’t already have another discount of some kind on them.


The beauty of it is, it lasts for the meatiest part of the summer, the part where you just need to feel special.  And this should do the trick.

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