If it’s any indication, I’m delighted.

Dear Feastlings,

It’s already been another day, one like the past few: A line cook scheduled to work a stage today called to say his mother had been in an accident and he wouldn’t be coming. An interviewee called to say that she wouldn’t be making the interview as she was still trying to secure her spot in a homeless shelter. And a second interviewee simply hasn’t shown up for the interview scheduled 25 minutes ago.

Yet, despite it all, our other guy showed up yesterday and today confirmed his return tomorrow afternoon, and I, against all odds, over two weeks in advance, have posted the menu for Ferragosto.  And that, to me, is a good sign. If you’re unaware of the holiday, Ferragosto is that Roman-turned-Italian holiday that gives us reason to make a bunch of Italian specials and offer all of our Italian wines without their customary corkage. Ferragosto falls on the 15th, but we’ll be celebrating on the 14th, one of the few Sundays we’ll be open until the wind shifts and all of the people who call to cancel their interviews and stages stop calling to cancel their interviews and stages. Whether or not we’ve reopened on Sundays altogether by then, we’ll be open on the 14th, and we’ll offer not only our August menu- which you’ll see this coming Tuesday- but this little compilation of tasty classics as well:


We’ll put together a list of all our Italian wines by then, and you can come in and treat yourself well with food and drink. How can you get more Italian than that? You can practice, if you’d like, with four Italian wines this Sunday- we have eight virtual seats left and we’d love to you have you join us.

Feriae Augusti

And if Italy’s not your bag, three’s a tasting tomorrow as well, with old vine wines from California and France.

Old but affordable

You’ve got more ways to join us than you previously imagined. See you soon.


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