Make or break

Dear Feastlings,

I know that you wait, many of you, to decide whether you’ll attend Sunday’s tasting until you see the food pairings. Mercifully, here I am between chunks of my day having written up the snacks we’ll be offering with Sunday’s tasting, and you can find it here,

Feriae Augusti

or, more specifically, here:

Whatever the case, there’s still time to join us for Saturday’s tasting, which will take place both here in person and virtually at 2:00 pm,

Old but affordable

or to grab tastes and snacks for Sunday’s tasting, which will take place only virtually (sorry, we still don’t have enough of a kitchen crew to offer service here on Sundays) at 3:30 pm. And, of course, we’re offering the July menu for a couple more days as well.

Whatever you decide to do, your visit will lift our spirits, and with any luck, it will lift yours as well. See you soon.

Your pal,


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