Dear Feastlings,

When monsoon season rolls around in Tucson, as the air gets heavy with moisture, everything else dries up: no sports, no theater or symphony, live music of any kind is sparse, and there’s certainly very little reason to do anything outdoors.  Our solution is to create the occasional reason for people to go out.  In June, we offered Spanish treats for the Bonfires of San Juan, and in July we celebrated Bastille Day with French specials.  It wouldn’t be right not to honor the food and wine of Italy, so we’ll be celebrating Ferragosto a day in advance, when it’s already technically Ferragosto in Italy.

We’ve been closed on Sundays so that our kitchen staff can keep up with how short-staffed we still are, but we’ll come in on the 14th, and be here all day, to offer you some Italian treats on this celebration of Augustus Caesar.  In addition to our regular menu, we’ll offer these specials until we run out (we’ll make our best educated guess, but Bastille Day found us short on sole by the end of the evening, so let’s call this management of expectations here and now.)  You can make a reservation by calling us at (520) 326-9363, or heading over here:


In the meantime, however, you can start planning what you’ll be ordering from the menu below, and you can start picking which Italian wine you’ll be drinking at a discounted price.  See you on the 14th!

Ferragosto Specials at feast

Appetizer of butter-roasted oyster mushroom risotto with fresh basil and oil-cured olives.  ◊

Carpaccio of beef tenderloin with capers, arugula, Pecorino and lemon. Extra virgin olive oil. ◊

Linguine alla Carbonara~ Linguine pasta tossed with pancetta, Parmesan cheese and a farm egg.

Branzino ripieno~ Mediterranean seabass, served whole, stuffed with spinach, grilled lemon, rosemary and summer squashes. Served with grilled polenta. ◊

Saltimbocca~ Sautéed veal with Prosciutto and fresh sage.  Served with rosemary-garlic roasted potatoes and sautéed green beans.

Torta Gianduja~ classic Piedmontese chocolate-hazelnut layer cake.


No corkage for any Italian wine on the list.

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