Four things. The rest will come later.

Dear Feastlings,
I’m once again moving at a fair clip today, as there’s a great deal on the calendar, some of which I’ll share with you today (wine tasting, donation run, Rosh Hashana specials,) some of which you’ll hear about later (next week’s new menu, how our experiment at combining in-person and virtual events goes tonight, our Primavera Cooks dinner,) and some of which you won’t hear too much about at all (a cooking demo at Tully Elementary and Tucson High Schools.)

So there’ll be less embellishment and introspection than usual today- I can nearly hear four thousand and something sighs of relief- and more of a punchlist:

First, there’s the Rosh Hashana menu, not so much because it’s chronologically first, but because the cutoff to order it is. You’ve got until tomorrow afternoon at 4 pm to place your orders.

Rosh Hashana specials

Next, there’s Saturday’s wine tasting, a collection of four wines embellished in part by the drying of the grapes used in their production. It promises to be equal parts fun and educational.

Four good raisins to enjoy these wines

After that comes our next donation run. We’d been planning on going to Youth on Their Own, but the YOTO crew has informed us that the students are still just straggling in and we’ll be able to feed more of them if we hang on for another week or two. Meanwhile, we look forward to feeding the residents and staff alike at St. Luke’s Home, next week on the 10th of September.

What have you been up to for the past 100 years?

And we’re off. Much to accomplish today, but I’ll leave you with this menu, from which you have four more days to order. After that, it’s new menu time and you won’t see a squash blossom until next season. Heck we’re even having trouble keeping them around this week. Ah, the supply chain. This pandemic is wearing me out.

Thank you all for your kind support.


Doug and the whole gaggle of hardworking people at Feast

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