Rosh Hashana specials

Hello, Feastlings,

When the sun goes down on Monday, September 6th, it’ll be time to ring in the year 5782 on the Jewish calendar. I said it last year, and I’ll say it again: I’m (STILL) ready for a new year. We’ll be ringing this one in with traditional Jewish foods, with the understanding that a) our kitchen is by no means kosher; and b) it’s SO not kosher that we’re offering both meat and dairy dishes on the same menu.  We know.  But if that’s of no consequence to you, you might want to consider ordering something anyhow, because this is comfort food of the first degree, and just as we’re all ready for a new year, we’re all ready for some comfort as well.  If you get your order in by Friday, September 3, at 4 pm, we’ll have it ready for you on Sunday the 5th,  cold with heating instructions, so that Monday when the sun goes down, you can pull this meal out of the oven and we’ll try it again: We’ll plan on a better year than the last one.


Matzo ball soup with chicken and vegetables.
5/ cup          8.5/bowl

Alaskan halibut and salmon gefilte fish terrine with horseradish and lemon.
26/ pound

Braised brisket of Angus beef with root vegetable tsimmes.  ◊
12/ ½ pound
22/ pound

Noodle kugel with raisins and sour cream.
7/ serving

Root vegetable tsimmes.  ◊
5/ half pint     9/ pint

Individual apple honey galette.

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