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Dear Feastlings,
As Tucsonans, the thing we tolerate nearly as grudgingly as the heat is the fact that for four or five months, all we really talk about is the heat: we talk about how much hotter it is than usual, or (infrequently) how much less hot it is; we talk about the subtle introduction of humidity and the patent difference it how it makes us feel; we talk about those nights where it never gets below 90 and the deceptive quality of October and how it’s still just as hot as August.

Today, in a few scant hours, we offer a solution, if only a fleeting one. Today’s wine tasting is wall-to-wall chillable red wines. Yes, you can call us and order up a set of samples, return home and pop them into the fridge, and at 2:00, when you truly have no interest in being outdoors (we have a wine rep who said she had to haul an umbrella out and into the pool just to be able to sit in it last week,) you can thank your friend the internet, and hang out with me and Kevin (and Andy, Mark and Cortney,) and shoot the breeze- ah, breeze!- with us about wine. They’re low-alcohol, which makes them quaffable, they’re delicious with a chill, and they’re without question worthy of displacing a white wine for a spot in your refrigerator this summer. It’s a mere 15 smackers, plus tax and tip, and it beats the tar out of doing just about anything outdoors. the tasting will look like this, and will begin at 2:00.


The login is simple. Here’s that information, so it’s worth swinging by and grabbing tastes.

Doug Levy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Chillsville
Time: Jun 26, 2021 02:00 PM Arizona

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When you come in, you can pick up tomorrow’s tasting as well, which comes with food pairings and more wine, and which looks like this:

Living on the edge.

There’ll be more to discover next week- certainly the menu

though you have one more week before it changes to the July menu. We will indeed be closed on Independence Day, our being independent and all, despite the fact that the past year and a half has taught us more about dependence and interdependence than we’d ever have cared to learn, and learned it the hard way. So thanks for being part of our interdependent little network here in a not-too-big city tucked away in the desert, and helping us climb our way back toward normalcy and an existence filled with a little less daily fear, and rather substantially more daily gratitude, and punctuated, as it often is here, with delicious food and drink. See you soon- maybe even in the next couple of hours.


All of us at Feast

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