Carpe Vinum

Dear Feastlings,
While your week’s been replete with tasks and chores, and maybe even your Saturday has as well, here’s a note full of hope that you, like so many others practicing a Western religion, or Middle Eastern for that matter, are taking a day of rest. As for me, even though I’m technically working today, it’s a day more focused on wine and food than the hefty administrative focus my days often have, so to me, it feels very nearly like a day off despite the chef’s coat and apron.

It’s the last Sunday of the month, and as such, we’ll be putting on another wine tasting, still a Zoom tasting, but still with a bunch of food pairings, and with heftier pours than at the Saturday tastings. We still have another half-dozen or so tastings to offer, so if you’re a procrastinator, there’s no need yet to shake your head and slink away to bemoan your missing out. All you need to do, rather, is to give us a call at 326-9363 and order your sample set and food pairings, then head home and prepare yourself for an afternoon of tasty wines, paired foods and abundant wine education. The tasting, if you have yet to decide whether it’s for you, can be found here, with all the details as to what we’ll be nibbling and sipping,

Living on the edge.

and for those of you who’ve already decided and just want the ease of logging in, here’s the way to do that:

Doug Levy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Living on the edge
Time: Jun 27, 2021 03:30 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 860 4154 3202
Passcode: 481759

The wines are offered to attendees with a discount of 10% on a bottle, and 15% on a case, which you can feel free to mix and match.

You’ve also got one more week of the June menu, which won’t change until July 6, the first Tuesday of the month. So if it’s ribs you’re after, or ricotta cakes of tom rim shrimp, now’s your moment of glory and reward: give us a call at 326-9363, and my humble suggestion is to pick up a wine tasting, but also pick up something from the dinner menu while you’re here?

In the meanwhile, drink ample quantities of water, stay indoors or shaded, and prepare yourself for tasting and learning, and know that we look forward to seeing you.

Thanks, everyone.


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