el Tour de Tucson

Dear Feastlings,
With your generous help, I went on a tour of Tucson today, a tour that could easily have been depressing, but in the end was uplifting and rewarding. I went to various spots where Compass Affordable Housing and Nizhoni Properties manage subsidized housing for people who not only are transitioning from homelessness, but who are also afflicted by serious mental illness. The housing is in neighborhoods you’d expect on the far south side, the west side and a little pocket in southeast Tucson as well, and the tenants can be seen in the oppressive heat, walking the slow, measured shuffle of the heavily medicated. I took a deep breath when I got to the first one. And it was nice. The housing was clean and fresh-looking, and there were people on site to help the tenants with the problems that invariably arise in a challenged population. I had a bunch of people in tow, or maybe it was they that had me in tow.

By the end of the afternoon, I was sleepy with the heat, but I’m now happy to hit the ground running- there were curious looks at each stop, and pleasantly raised eyebrows at the sight of a square meal prepared with care, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that there’ll be a hundred-plus happy people nibbling on our little community’s generous donations as the sun sinks into Tucson Mountains.

Now I’ve got the food pairings figured out and we’re in the prep process for Sunday’s wine tasting,

Living on the edge.

and wines poured for tomorrow’s tasting as well,


and room in the dining room for you to join us for dinner tonight, tomorrow or Sunday if you choose, though we’re still seating at about half capacity, so a reservation behooves you.


As for me, I’m having a well-deserved glass of wine at the end of this day


and putting my feet up so they can hit the ground running again tomorrow. We have an extra chair or two around here, so if you’d like to put your own feet up, give us a call at 326-9363 and we’ll hold you two chairs- one for sitting and one for those feet. Live a little.

Your grateful friend,


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