One of fifty things

Dear Feastlings,
When you don’t hear from me for a few days, it can mean one of quite a number of things. In the thick of the pandemic, it either meant I was rolled up in a terrified ball; or juggling while riding a unicycle while spinning plates and balancing on a ball, which was balancing on a tightrope; or paralyzed by ennui. Now it can mean either of the first two, but I’m happy to report that it seldom means the third. Ennui is almost a luxury now, and one that I truly don’t want any part of, but the fear and the circus tricks are still fairly quotidian in my industry, or at the very least for me personally. Today, the plates I’m spinning are the Bonfires of San Juan dishes we’re offering tonight,

Setting the world on fire

the unicycle is the two dozen emails between me and the people at Compass Affordable Housing, six of whose apartments we’ll be delivering food to on Friday, thanks to the kind generosity of Feastlings and Tucsonans and those farther afield,

Our next donation run(s): six very special apartment buildings.

the balls I’m juggling are Saturday’s wine tasting,


and the tightrope is the Sunday wine tasting and its accompanying food pairings.

Living on the edge.

The ball on the tightrope is the potential staff we keep interviewing and who either don’t show up or we wish they hadn’t. Mercifully, there’s a safety net, which is the fact that we’re at least open for dinner in the dining room, and we appear to have gotten our sea legs back, at least from our own limited perspective, and I hope from that of the majority of our guests, though I’m acutely aware that there’ll be those for whom we’re pure disappointment. My hope, though, is that those are the people for whom nearly everything is pure disappointment, among whose number I often count myself, for the record. But, hey- it takes one to know one, as I used to say when I was seven.

There are still a few seats left for tonight, if you’re the procrastinating type and you didn’t think to even try, and if you’re sitting home enjoying the cloudiness, we’ll be here most other nights as well, with the regular menu

and wine list.

But we hope that whatever your druthers, you’ll join us at some point soon.

your occasionally disappointing/occasionally disappointed friend,

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