Our next donation run(s): six very special apartment buildings.

Dear Feastlings,

Though people are still finding out about this means of keeping ourselves busy, many of you already know that throughout the pandemic, we’ve been collecting your donations and adding something of our own to them in order to feed various populations in the community.  For every eighty meals donated by our guests and by the community at large, Feast donates another twenty meals, and every other week, we head out to feed some deserving group of people.  Next week, on June 25, we’ll be feeding the residents and staff of six different places helping to make a difference for people transitioning from homelessness while afflicted both by poverty and mental illness.  We’re including a statement from Compass Affordable Housing, who manages the apartments, and a link to their website, so with any luck you’ll get an idea what these amazing people are doing every day to help people into some semblance of a normal life.  Here’s a statement from Maryann Beerling, who administrates this remarkable organization:

“Compass Affordable Housing manages apartments for formerly homeless adults with serious mental illness (SMI).  CAH Housing services also manages an apartment complex for SMI youth between the ages of 18 and 24 years.  Transitioning from homelessness can be somewhat of a challenge for some people.  However, it is an even more difficult transition for those who are also mentally ill. For the 100 people with mental illness that have found a place to call home there are still hurdles to overcome. Most of them have no or very little income and never have an opportunity to dine in a restaurant.  The food they eat is cheap and meals are often missed and rarely includes a balanced diet.  Rarely does this group of people get an opportunity such as what Feast is offering.  In addition to providing people a nutritious and tasty meal this ”treat” brightens the day for everyone and give s people something to look forward to and that raises the mood in the community. That’s a big deal~ Thank you Feast.”

We’ll be headed there on Friday the 25th with a hundred meals for the residents at these locations, and another bunch for the staff who helps them every day.  For transparency’s sake, we’ll note here that Feast’s staff benefits from your donation as well, as every purchased meal helps us dig ourselves out of the hole that Covid has left us in.  And we (and the people served by and working for Compass Affordable Housing) will be grateful to you for whatever you decide to contribute, be it a cookie, a meal, or a dollar amount.  Thank you for helping them, and for helping us in the process.  Here’s a little more about Compass:


As usual, for every 80 meals donated, Feast will donate 20 more, and we’re happy to take your donation over the phone at 326-9363, or you can bring or send a check made out to Feast with “meal donations” written in the memo line.  Both they and we will appreciate your help.

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