A gradual recovery

Dear Feastlings,
One of my least favorite qualities about myself is that I’m not much good at suffering fools, even though I’m occasionally one myself. Owning a business, for those of you who don’t, puts one in the position of relying on hundreds of people who, unlike you, simply don’t care. And truly, you don’t have to own your own business to experience this- you can find out about it at a grocery store, a restaurant, a dry cleaner- there’s a virtual treasure trove of people who put no effort into their work.
The danger for me is that I couple this impatience with a tendency to meet trouble halfway. Therefore, when I’m already fretting about what sort of PPP we might receive, and by when, and how much might be eligible for forgiveness, all it takes is dealing with a person for whom my overwhelming fear of the sinking of Feast is, at best, something that should be gotten back to after lunch, or maybe after the weekend.
That’s where you caught me yesterday- I’d climbed to the top of the mast and was watching the sea swallow up Feast below me while an imbecile six states away was telling me that the number I’d submitted was eighty cents different from their calculations, and I needed to resubmit my figures, after which they would reply to me in two business days.
In any case, my banker, who doesn’t own her business, but who does indeed care, ran interference for me with whatever person or people were on the other end of my loan application, and I’m cautiously optimistic that my application will get to the right place to be considered, in two business days. How long things will take from that point remains a mystery to me, but for those of you who’ve recently been considering trying out the restaurant business, I don’t recommend it.
What I do recommend is a wine tasting. And that’s happening tomorrow, via Zoom. The wines are promising, the guests will be intriguing, and there’s usually a good time to be had. Here’s what that tasting looks like:

Let’s not be hasty…

Hub deliveries are happening this weekend as well, and many of you should shortly be receiving tasty meals for your upcoming enjoyment, but those of you who live to the North and Northwest still have the opportunity to place an order and we’ll drive it out to your neighborhood tomorrow. Want to see which location is nearest you?
Take a peek here:

Heading up north again

And for those of you in the South or Southeast parts of the Greater Tucson Area, here’s where we’ll be dropping off meals come Sunday:

A mouth full of South

We’re also working on another donation run, this one to the hundreds of volunteers at the U of A mall,

The only mall people are going to

and a little thing for SAACA on Tuesday, February 23, where you can watch me cobble together a special sandwich and smoked tomato soup, both of which will be available as specials that day.


Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for the Zoom tasting info, which, with any luck, will show up in your mailboxes by noon, technology willing. Meanwhile, have a really good day today.


Doug and everyone else over here

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