Oh, technology, why do you mock me?

Dear Feastlings,
After yesterday’s email- the one you didn’t receive- there’s not much to report today, except that clearly I either didn’t click a button, or there was a glitch, or SOMEthing. I’m here to tell you that Feast has made me do a great many things in the past nineteen years and change, one of which is coming to a grudging understanding with technology- we’ll coexist, but we won’t become close.
I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a late adopter of most things technological. I still keep a stack of legal pads that I take notes on, and when I get home and empty my pockets, a thousand slips of paper end up crumpled on the dresser, and I know I’ll lose half of them, or more. But I regard it as Darwinism- the notes I can’t find weren’t meant to make it to the next generation. I didn’t get a cell phone until I opened Feast and had to. I used CompuServe. CompuServe, for crying out loud.
But here I am now, spending most of my pandemic days at the computer when as a surly college student, I insisted there was nothing a computer could do that a typewrite and a filing cabinet couldn’t, for a fraction of the price. And other things mechanical are now within my grasp: I can replace a bad thermocouple on an oven or a water heater. I can replace a regular outlet with a GFI. I can change a washer or a cartridge in a faucet. Still, it doesn’t mean I enjoy any of it. It reminds me of a standup bit that Woody Allen did in the sixties, and whether you revile him on a personal level, funny is funny, so I’ll risk any blowback I may get and post the bit here:

Anyhow, it’s just a wordy way of sending my apologies for the email that didn’t go out yesterday, but I did write it and have every intention of sending it. In fact, I copied and pasted it to the website, so if you’re despondent over missing it, you won’t be after having read it here:

Pitter pat.

Meanwhile, it’s not just technology that fails us. Sometimes happenstance does. we had a few last-minute cancellations yesterday, and so if you were refused a Valentine’s Day meal, know this: there are now a few left. So here’s a link to that, and you can ignore the fact that it says “this event has ended,” but only if you’re quick about it. In fact, there’s a single order left of the short ribs as I write this, and a handful of the ones with the seafood crepes, but there are still a few Valentine’s Day Prix Fixe meal to be had, and they look like this:

Valentine’s Day

For you who plan ahead, there’ll be crawfish etouffee this coming Fat Tuesday, which is only two days away, and for those who plan even further ahead, there’ll be a portion of that available in cryovac to tuck away for when you’re feeling the need.

Fat Tuesday

Here’s a link as well to the upcoming Saturday wine tasting,

Let’s not be hasty…

to Nourish’s fundraiser (which is in its way a benefit for restaurants, or at least a reason to buy a gift card to your favorite restaurant)

A fundraiser for Nourish AND your favorite restaurants, whichever ones they may be

and I’ll throw in a link to today’s menu as well


Be on the lookout for future events we’re doing with SAACA and Slow Food Southern Arizona, with Child and Family Resources, and for volunteers at Banner and the Arizona Department of Health Services, and for deliveries to our outlying hubs, which will be posted later today, but I thought I’d give six or eight motivated people the chance to order a Valentine’s Day dinner before the sun goes down. Have a lovely day, Valentines.


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