How frustrating my day isn’t.

Dear Feastlings,
I feel like much of the time, I’m writing to you in the throes of my various woes. And I must admit, woes-throes isn’t me at my best. Not that I’m at my best today either, but I have to say, it’s been a reasonably good day thus far, and as someone who’s been stressed and panicked for the vast majority of the time since last St. Patrick’s Day, it feels pretty good. I do enjoy a day that’s free of insurrection, and before I get a handful of emails upbraiding me for my politics, let me mention that an insurrection by either end of the political spectrum- even just a humdrum riot by either end of our spectrum- isn’t okay with me. I’d love to believe that a nation of mostly grownups can behave as such.
But I digress. It’s a good day today, for me, anyhow- I went to St. Mary’s Hospital yesterday and St. Joseph’s today, handing out meals that you and we have donated to the less recognized members of the staff. It felt good. We packed up a catered zoom birthday that’s being delivered all over town, replete with food and wine pairings. That felt good too. I got speakers lined up for this Saturday’s wine tasting

The Acid Test

and even the Last Sunday of the month wine tasting

Trust Your Importer with Amy Ezrin, the Piedmont Gal of The Piedmont Guy

and I’m well on my way to having food pairings written for that one, as well as getting the jump on a special Valentine’s Day menu, starting on the February menu, setting up a benefit for Child and Family Services, and all manner of other stuff. But the plumbing issues are resolved, and the baked goods keep coming, and vaccinations are on the horizon. There’s food¬†and drink¬†to be had, and I enjoy the amazing people who’ve been working here every day, working cautiously despite putting themselves at risk, and they’re still kind and caring folk, as are the lot of you, and our next donation run will put us at over 6,000 donated meals. I could not be more grateful to all of you, to the crew here at Feast, and to Tucson at large, and beyond Tucson as well. I hope for each of you that there’s a little glimmer of hope with the vaccine distribution gathering steam, and that you have someone you love watching your back, and that you can soon join us again in our dining room as it inches closer, admittedly incrementally, to reopening. Thanks, everyone.

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