It’s Resources. Not Services. For the record.

Dear Feastlings,
Ah, to be a metaphorical shark. For ten months and change, I (and probably a huge number of you) have had to keep moving, always moving, lest we die. It’s not so bad- after all, sharks do it all the time- but since we’re not evolutionarily suited to it, it has its drawbacks.
Whether the metaphor I’ll mix in here is keeping too many irons in the fire, or keeping too many plates spinning, or whichever go-to metaphor I’m forgetting to list here, the next metaphor I’ll throw out there is the dropping of the metaphorical ball. But since I just finished a really pleasant meeting with the remarkably kind people at Child and Family Resources (they’re in their fiftieth year- wish them a happy birthday,) in which we all seemed to be falling over ourselves trying to be more kind and generous to one another than we’d all expected, I thought I’d mention their name correctly today. I think the other day I called it Child and Family Services, and I’ll blame it on multitasking, plate-spinning, and so on. The thrust of the meeting, though, was this: we’re going to have a fundraiser, which you’ll hear more about as the date (April 8) draws closer. And that fundraiser will be a food-and-wine-driven Zoom hootenanny. But I have yet to write that menu, as I’m still working on the February menu, the Valentine’s Day menu (which will be special and fun, with any luck,) the menu for the Last Sunday wine tasting, which is not this Sunday but rather a week from Sunday

Trust Your Importer with Amy Ezrin, the Piedmont Gal of The Piedmont Guy

and a few other tidbits: Comfort food with Slow Food of Southern Arizona (that’ll be a Zoom thing on February 23,) which won’t be mentioned on their website our ours just yet, but you’ll see something about it soon,¬†tomorrow’s wine tasting, for which there’s still ample time to pick up tastes,

The Acid Test

Aly’s new-ish winter cocktails, which will be perfect for the ensuing three days of winter we’re about to have, and trying like crazy to get this email dashed off before the day is over. To that end, I’ll throw in a link to the menu in case you have yet to figure out a plan for dinner, and I’ll sign off, wish you well and envision being vaccinated along with the rest of the crew here and throwing open our doors once again. I can’t wait to go home feeling grateful for quiet after having had a noisy, busy night full of happy guests eating, drinking and sharing an excellent time together. See you soon.



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