Trust Your Importer with Amy Ezrin, the Piedmont Gal of The Piedmont Guy

Dear Feastlings,

We have plenty of weaknesses.  Megan is, with very few exceptions, a lover of Sauvignon Blanc.  Kevin swoons over Languedoc wines.  Doug gets weak in the knees over those slightly oxidative/reductive wines.  But if you look at our wine list and, realizing that we are not by any means an Italian restaurant, chance upon the “Food Wines” section of the wine list, you’ll see such an abundance of wines from the Piedmont that you’d be wise to doubt our business plan.  We love them, and while we keep each other in check as a general rule, we predictably weaken over the Piedmont.  Imagine our glee when- it must be a year ago now- Action Wine, a longtime favorite distributor here, partnered up with The Piedmont Guy, an importer who brings small-production Piedmontese wines into the U.S. at a remarkably fair price.  This month’s Last Sunday tasting brings us Amy Ezrin of the Piedmont Guy, along with four delicious treats from the aforementioned small-production wineries, and we’ll pair tastes of food for you to enjoy alongside hefty tastes of wine.  It’ll be priced at our standard $35 plus tax and tip, and the tasting will begin on January 31 at 3:30 pm.  There’ll be heating instructions posted once the menu is written later this week, and you can reserve all of the above by calling us at 326-9363.


The tasting begins at 3:30 pm on Sunday, January 31st, and the zoom meeting number is 829 8962 5017.  the passcode is 024136.


You can find the tasting order and pricing here.

You can find the heating instructions here.


2019 Angelo Negro “Piedmont Guy Special Selection” Unfiltered Roero Arneis DOCG

2019 Luigi Giordano Langhe Rosso DOC

2018 La Miraja “Le Masche” Barbera d’Asti Superiore DOCG

2016 Oddero Barolo DOCG

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