This and that, but not the other.

Dear Feastlings,
It’s been a day full of odd little details all day- our first of two runs to Carondelet Health facilities (today we fed the housekeeping staff, IT people, facilities, transport and special processing staff at St. Mary’s Hospital, and tomorrow we do the same for St. Joseph’s: )

That’s been mixed up with lining up presenters for upcoming wine tastings, like the one this coming Saturday,

The Acid Test

setting up a Zoom birthday celebration for one of our kind and inventive guests, catching up with our mushroom spore people and Flowers and Bullets for our kale,

making plans to interview a saute cook, the third to go to the trouble of setting up an interview only to disappear into the ether, and setting up a couple of Zoom meetings, an importer, a winemaker and someone who’s got her fingers crossed for a relatively normal wedding for us to cater in October if all goes as we hope. Then there’s the normal stuff, like lining up a Last Sunday of the Month tasting, another in the Trust Your Importer series, with the simply but aptly named The Piedmont Guy, and starting in on the February menu and Valentine’s Day, lining up vaccinations for the staff and applying for another PPP loan.

So while I appear to have more irons in the fire than I want to, the rest of the crew here is positively itching for something to do, so I hope you’ll give us a call at 326-9363 and order a little something to eat

or drink


and they can stop listening to me whine and complain about being overwhelmed, and maybe get a little busy themselves. Fingers crossed.

Thanks, everyone.



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