Old, new, borrowed, blue

Hello, Feastlings,
I know that’s a whole wedding thing, but the new menu just seemed like if fit. Today is the first Tuesday of the month, which you may recall is New Menu Day, and it’s got something Old on it- two very popular dishes from Feast menus past: Lobster, corn and scallion bread pudding; and crispy duck salad. There’s something New: Roast game hen, stuffed under the skin with oregano butter, over creamed salsify, with toasted pine nuts, charred broccoli, and dried currants. Plus a new pork dish, three new salads, and some desserts. There’s something Blue: Blu King Oyster mushrooms, grown here in our own mushroom growing chamber. And borrowed? I don’t know. I’ve felt like we’re living on borrowed time for the past nine months- does that count? Whatever the case, there’s all manner of stuff to check out, and the menu is posted, so take a peek whenever you’d like.

Take a peek as well that this Saturday’s wine tasting:

Dry wit and dry whites

And this Friday’s donation run, the last in this group of donations:

Our next series of donation runs

I’ll be posting more as we finalize our next donation run- I know our hospitals are once again running at full tilt and beyond, so we’ll soon be sending those exhausted front line hospital workers some sustenance and letting you know where it’s going in case you want to help us- yet again- donate meals to them. Please know that it’s not lost on us that you’ve all been contributing month after month- we already received in this morning’s mail a check from someone who basically signed his stimulus check over to our donation program, and we’re grateful, because it helps us more than you can guess at the same time it’s helping the community at large. So thank you. Very, very much.
We look forward to seeing you, and I hope that you were, in fact, generous to yourselves the other day, and possibly to a small business in the process.

Your friends at Feast

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