Eat your feelings.

Good day, Feastlings.
As this Covid spike continues and more and more of us know someone (or are someone) who’s been diagnosed with it, and as more and more of us find ourselves appalled, whether it’s over infringements upon our rights or infringements upon our safety, and as more and more of us are just plain exhausted by our new, or maybe not-so-new, daily reality, I’m doing the unhealthy but uncomfortable thing: I’m eating my feelings. Depressed that the number of people I know who’ve been infected is increasing every day? Time for a slice of sourdough. Scared that Feast’s net income is down 140% from last year at this date? Time for a glass of the good stuff. Missing seeing my family and friends whenever I choose to see them? I’ll have a brownie, please.
And you know what? I’m okay with it. Something’s got to give, and I may as well derive some small comfort from something I love. With that in mind, we made a hefty batch of lobster, corn and scallion bread puddings today, because none of us is above it. It’s the holiday season, after all, and the crappiest holiday season many of us has had in years, myself included. And many of you may remember that I’m not a fan of the holidays to begin with. So my solution, and one that I beseech you to consider, is to avail yourselves of it all. Pick up a bottle of something nice, grab a lobster bread pudding, settle into a comfy chair, and revel in what comfort you can grab. And do it all week- if you get your order in today, we can still have Christmas food ready for you on the 23rd or the 24th, but today’s it. The menu is here

Christmas menu

and the phone number is 326-9363. There are snacks available for New Year’s Eve as well,

Hors d’oeuvres for New Year’s Eve

with or without some fancy wine pairings, and today’s menu holds a host of special items, including the aforementioned lobster bread pudding, and much more. Take a peek.

You can also get the jump on next week, when we have not one, but two wines tastings, a Saturday tasting of what I’d call Tuesday-night wines,

Coasting into the finish line

and a Sunday tasting, with food pairings, of what I’d call Saturday night wines:

Trust Your Importer with Joanie Karapetian of Rosenthal

And if perchance the holiday spirit moves you to help someone whose belt is tightened more than yours is right now, we still have a couple more donation runs on the horizon:

Our next series of donation runs

As for me, my immediate future holds generous food and drink, to sustain me through the upcoming week, and to undo the past one. Stay well, everyone.



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