Tracking the elusive pandemic restaurateur

Dear Feastlings,
An experienced animal tracker can look at footprints, scat, bent reeds, tree trunks worn smooth, and tell you what kind of animal went past, how long ago, and whether it was being chased or was simply meandering. After nine months of this, I’m guessing you can tell some things about me from the email.
Is it going out after 3:00 pm? There could be a plumbing issue or a broken ice machine.
Is the tone frenetic? The two chattiest prep cooks could be working just outside the office door, or I could have been interrupted throughout the day by multiple staff, guests and purveyors.
It it chatty? And is the weather nice? I may have gotten a good bike ride in today.
Is it riddled with typos and fragments? I probably have three more things I need to get done within the hour.
Is it complaining about the screen and the phone? I haven’t budged from this chair for hours.
Is it reminiscent of days gone by? They’re probably playing music from my high school and college days in the kitchen.
Am I selling the wine and cocktails really hard? It’s either a payroll week or the mortgage is due.
Does it sound like I’m about to have a nervous breakdown? I’m about to have a nervous breakdown.

If you’re assuming, based on today’s email, that I’m a little bit irritable with the loud people working in the kitchen today, I had a good bike ride, I forgot about the Zoom meeting I had at 2:00, and I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with donation deliveries, then your skills are spot on. I’d mention the breads, but we’ve sold out of all of them already, probably during the meeting I’d forgotten about and was late to, but there are still a few renegade rugelach around, and you don’t have to celebrate Chanukah to enjoy them. I’ll supply a few links here, one to the Christmas menu, for which we’ve managed to procure more goose, so I’m feeling good about that,

Christmas menu

but you’ll still need to get your order in soon. I’ll put a link to tomorrow’s wine tasting here, in case you’re thinking about joining us for that,

Step it up

and a link to our donation runs to people in low-income housing,

Our next series of donation runs

and to their online auction, for which today is the last day.


I’ll post a link here to the other donation run we’re making in the midst of the other four, this one going to two of TMC’s satellites,

Another trip for front line hospital workers

and then one to our menu,


and one to our offerings of beer, wine, spirits and cocktails,


and then I’ll get cracking. I had so much fun making pizza down in Sonoita on Sunday that we’re going to make pizza as a special tomorrow, so I have to prep for that, and then to get some things sorted out for tomorrow’s wine tasting, and then get some work done on our plans for New Year’s Eve, a fundraiser for Child and Family Services this spring (that was the meeting I was late for today,) and with any luck, get to sleep early enough to get another good bike ride in tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


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