Is this your to-do list, or mine?

Dear Feastlings,
Keeping it succinct today, both because of and in spite of the fact that there’s much to do today.
So here’s the news about this Saturday’s wine tasting,

Step it up

our donation runs to four different apartment complexes of people who could use a little help right now,

Our next series of donation runs

a reminder that there are only two more days to check out Compass Affordable Housing’s online holiday auction,

or other donation runs to El Dorado Health Campus and to the TMC Pain Clinic,

Another trip for front line hospital workers

and of course the approaching deadline for your Christmas order- here’s the menu for that (good news- we were able to get our hands on more geese- or is it goose when it’s for food?)

Christmas menu

And with that, I’m off to get some things done- working on a menu of hors d’oeuvres and special wine samples for New Year’s Eve, and talking to our friends at Midtown Farm to get them planting for our January menu.

Hope you all have the best possible day.

Your buddy,


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