Time (and space) is of the essence.

Dearest Feastlings,
It’s bonkers in here today, and in between delivery runs to Youth on Their Own, I’m trying to help the crew here without getting underfoot, and occasionally succeeding. But before I head out with the second installment of Youth’s 155 meals, here’s one more quick handful of links to what we’ve got cooking besides turkey and pumpkin pie. There’s this Saturday’s wine tasting:

The highs and lows of Malbec

There’s this Sunday’s end-of-the-month wine tasting (with food pairings):

The middle of the Boot.

There’s our next series of donations:

Our next series of donation runs

And there’s today’s menu, with a lamentable lack of bread and pastry, but the restaurant business is all about real estate, be it tables we can’t fill just now or ovens we can’t empty fast enough. Turkey and pie beats bread today, but we’ll be back at it soon.


But meanwhile, settle into Thanksgiving tomorrow knowing that there are 48 people here who are supremely thankful for you. Thank you for everything.

All of us at Feast

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