Back to (new) normal

Dear Feastlings,
The consensus around here is that we’re all still recovering. Our attempts to feed the residents of B’nai B’rith Covenant House, a hundred and fifty-five students at Youth on Their Own, and a record number of you were dogged by supply issues, a quarantined member of the kitchen crew (he tested negative, though- hooray for that!) and a bundle of orders that were missed in the final count had us scrambling until the very end on Wednesday, so let’s kick off today’s note with a wholehearted thanks to those of you who waited, and those who patiently let our crew deliver the scalloped potatoes that were still in the oven when you arrived to you long after it was polite to show up at your home. Thank you a thousand times over, for your patronage and patience, for donating to the Youth on Their Own meals as well to the upcoming runs to Compass Affordable Housing complexes,

Our next series of donation runs

and to participants in tomorrow’s wine tasting

The highs and lows of Malbec

or Sunday’s wine tasting

The middle of the Boot.

or both.
Meanwhile, Thanksgiving undermined our bread and pastry schedule, but we’ll start back to it tomorrow and be running normally again come Sunday, but we still have a full menu,¬†which is going to change if we can get the new one written in time to get in ingredients and prep everything by Tuesday. Wish us luck. Please do take good care of yourselves as the virus continues to surge in Pima County, just like elsewhere.

We’ll do our best to get more holiday menus posted once we get the December menu under our belts, so you can enjoy your quiet and remote holiday without spending the day in the kitchen. Again, please accept our gratitude.

Your friends at Feast

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