Our annual drubbing

Dear Feastlings,
Never have I been as grateful as I am for our annual conversion from cooks and servers into- what? Fast-running hamsters on a wheel? Punching bags? Thanksgiving ninjas? Each year, it’s the same: we make a LOT of Thanksgiving meals, and with people not going to the trouble of cooking all day for the small groups we’re eating in this year, coupled with our donation runs today to B’nai B’rith Covenant House, and tomorrow to Youth on Their Own, we’re going full tilt. Stressful as it is, we couldn’t be more grateful, and please know, each of you, that when we finally recover from this mayhem and we sit down to our own meals on Thursday, there’ll be gratitude coming to you in spades from nearly fifty tables here in town. We really appreciate each of your contributions to keeping us afloat, whether it be picking up food, donating meals, buying wine, sharing our social media posts and emails with your friends and family, leaving gratuities for the crew on your orders or just plain being nice to us. So thank you. Tons.
When we’re finished thanking you, we’ll be hitting the ground running again come Friday, though, preparing the Saturday wine tasting, a survey of high- and low-altitude Malbec

The highs and lows of Malbec

and Sunday’s tasting of central Italian wines, with food pairings

The middle of the Boot.

and with any luck, we’ll have somehow found the time to finish writing and preparing the December menu, though until then there’s always the November menu.  I’m also posting a preview of our next donation run,

Our next series of donation runs

not only because Compass Affordable Housing is doing great things in Tucson, but because if I mention it here, I can also tell you how you can kick off your holiday shopping at their online holiday auction.

And with that, I leave you so I can start loading up the meals for Covenant House, which I should mention were sponsored by Tucson’s Covenant with Elderly, Bank of America, and Feast. Have a great day and we hope you can feel our appreciation.

The Grateful Crew at Feast

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