What it’s too late for and what it’s not too late for.

Hello, kind Feastlings.
I’m delighted to say that the edgy and cranky notes have diminished significantly as people have come to accept the realities that Covid has foisted upon us: it turns out that a pandemic causes difficulties. Increasing the number of people who no longer feel the joys of preparing one’s own Thanksgiving dinner merit the efforts of preparing it when you can only have two or four people at the table makes the demand side daunting, while delivery issues and hoarding make the supply side fairly tenuous, and I’m grateful to those of you who haven’t held us responsible for either.
The upshot is that the only chance of Thanksgiving food that wasn’t ordered by last Wednesday (at about 5 pm, when we officially maxed out before we thought we would) will come this Wednesday, late in the day, when we can evaluate by how much we’ve overshot our food prep goals and gotten the lion’s share of it all packed up. We’re delivering donated Thanksgiving meals to both B’nai B’rith Covenant House, a community of low-income seniors, and to Youth on Their Own, who supports students experiencing homelessness in their efforts to finish high school, and these meals, coupled with the unexpected demand from our regular guests, has limited our ability to keep taking orders, but we’ll likely have something left when the dust settles, so you’re welcome to call, but please, not until after 2 pm on Wednesday. I know that most of us aren’t willing to cross our fingers and hope for something to be left less than 24 hours before the big day, but if it’s just something supplementary you’re looking for, we may be able to help.

If it’s a recovery from Thanksgiving you’re searching for, we’ll have that as well, and it’ll be easier to come by. Saturday offers a petite wine tasting of Malbecs hailing from high elevations and low ones

The highs and lows of Malbec

and Sunday being the last Sunday of the month, we’ll have our Last Sunday tasting- the one with food pairings- on the 29th. Lorenzo Mattoni will be with us talking about four central Italian wines, culminating with his own Sagrantino, for which I have an exceptional fondness, and for which you’re likely to develop the same.

The middle of the Boot.

In the meanwhile, there’s our regular menu, which, if you’re eating your feelings at the rate we are, you’ll be pleased to see is peppered with hazelnut-currant scones, marzipan tortes, cartoonishly large triple chocolate chip cookies, and molasses cookies to welcome the holiday season.

We hope you’ll include us in some of your Thanksgiving week activities, but whether you do or not, please know we’re all thankful for you. So thanks. Tons.

the people of Feast

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