Did somebody slip me a Mickey?

Dear Feastlings,
I’m not entirely sure how this happens, but I’m guessing it’s happening to you too: there’s a steady hum of stress- for me it’s like that noise those giant electrical transformers make that makes you think for a split second that maybe people who make protective tinfoil hats are onto something- but even as it creates a constant and palpable quiver in the core of your being, you manage once in a while to have a day that’s- dare I say it?- suffused with optimism.
Today is just such a day. Yes, the pandemic is raging out of control again, and yes, the news is a steady rat-a-tat of political nail-biting and vitriol, but today seems like a day where we might make it through it all. The sourdough starter that was flagging yesterday is bold and strong again, and we just pulled a loaf out of the oven redolent of sweet aromatic goodness- a sourdough shot through with orange zest and fennel seed, wrapped in a fig leaf, and I’m happy to just smell it.
So even though I’m overwhelmed at the fact that I still have yet to finish the November menu, that we’re doing a series of meals paired with Learning Curve lectures and have no idea how many to make (so please, when I post those on Sunday, order early, even if it’s for later in the week,)

A Feast for the Senses – Giving Life to Frankenstein

I’m still excited to take more food to the last three locations of CODAC that we didn’t get to yesterday

Another donation run (or two) to our hard-working front-line friends

and lining up a series of deliveries for Youth on Their Own for most of November. I’ll post more about that when we have it all firmed up, but supporting kids experiencing homelessness and still giving their all to graduating from high school seems like a worthy endeavor. Here’s more about Youth on Their Own:


It’s also wine day, and I plan to go on about wine at some length tomorrow but I’ll also mention today that we’re helping people prepare for Election Day no matter whom they’ve cast their ballot for, by offering ten percent off bubbly and spirits alike. So whether you’re feeling celebratory or mortified come Tuesday, you can have the appropriate libation for the occasion close at hand. What’s more, you can combine that discount with the other Pandemic deal, which means that, say, if you grab six bottles of whatever and get ten percent off, the ones that are sparkling or spirits get an additional ten percent off. So save a little cash until Election Day. What do we have? SO. MUCH. There’s a reason the Wine Enthusiast named us one of the top 100 wine restaurants in the United States. You can see it all here:


And in case your eyes still haven’t glazed over reading this, there’s a wine tasting on Saturday, that’s Halloween-appropriate,


there’s a Thanksgiving menu that you still have weeks to peruse before you need to get your order in,

Thanksgiving carryout from Feast

and then there’s just our October menu for you to enjoy before something remarkable happens and I somehow get the November menu finished in time for Tuesday.

Here’s hoping you’re able to find your own version of that little drift of optimism that I found today, and that I’m able to hang onto mine as well. Have a great day.


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