Who had time for anything yesterday?

Dear Feastlings,
So bonkers was it yesterday with trying to get the November menu written (no, it’s not finished yet;) shuffling furniture into storage that we won’t be using when we start seating in the dining room again (yes, it’s coming soon, and no, we don’t have a hard and fast date yet;) getting the last of the logistics worked out for our donation runs today to the Pima County Elections Department and seven CODAC locations today and then to three more CODAC locations on Friday;

Another donation run (or two) to our hard-working front-line friends

contacting our presenters for this week’s Halloween wine tasting of wines you’re afraid of (ordering;)


and planning the video demo stuff for the meals we’ll be doing for the Learning Curve over the next three weeks (what am I talking about? It’s this:

https://www.thelearningcurvetucson.com/classes/food-for-thought-a-feast-for-the-senses-session-1/ )

that by the time I sat down to write the email to tell you about our upcoming events, it was after 5:00, and it hardly seemed as if there were a point to it at that point. So I decided to go ahead and write this, today’s email. So if something dramatic happened between 5:20 pm yesterday and now, there’ll be no reference to it here, because I’m writing it last evening, like I should always do. Things you should know today are, apart from what I’ve noted above, that, as noted above, that first of all, we’re trying to send out an extra 116 meals on this week’s donation run, due to the fact that we’ve pivoted within our pivoting to feed not the Recorder’s Office, but CODAC, which means there are extra people to feed.
Secondly, here’s a blurb about this week’s wine tasting:


Third, you can start ordering your Thanksgiving food whenever it suits you, all the way up until the Sunday before:

Thanksgiving carryout from Feast

And fourth, you may as well get a look at today’s menu, in case you have yet to decide on dinner this evening, or lunch, for that matter.


I’ll also mention that we’re giving ten percent off any bottle of sparkling wine or spirits until Election Day, the idea being that you’ll want one or the other handy come the results. That 10% is on top of other discounts, so if you buy a mix of six, you get 10% off, and if any of those six are bubbly, you’ll get another 10% knocked off those. Just so you’re aware.

And with that, I withdraw to my many tasks, none of which was entirely completed yesterday, at least by 5:20. See you soon.



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